The Founder, John Hwang and The President, Jenny Hwang


In year 1983, John Hwang had his business running several clothing retail stores such as one particular called, Urban Source, located in Plainfield, New Jersey. Although the growth of businesses was only keeping their lines on a steady pace with no particular change, John decided to take a different approach after about 15 years of running them. This was year 1998.

In a long run, this business never seem to grow any further, since the target market was oriented with people who are under mid-range class constantly being affected highly by an unstable economy occurring some parts of the country. Hence, I decided to change the target market with more consistent balance of everyday necessities.
John Hwang in Main Office

John Hwang in Main Office

Opening an account from a single high-end brand was a long journey and challenging. John was highly committed only to go forward with his decision which he never compromised. After going through many different trial and error, he finally started gaining licenses to open accounts with high-ends then a little by little, other high-ends started to contribute their trust into Johns business thus Mercat Boutique Store was created.

If I didn’t make that decision back in 1998, Mercat would never have been existed. No one turned their heads around to me for a single attitude towards gaining the licenses, but I thought it will only be a matter of time that I would gain their trust one at a time.

John was married to Jenny Hwang in 1999, who became a president of Ran-H Corporation and is also very passionate and proud about the business. She runs on her own feet to meet business partners all around the states, full supporting on opening new high-end brands for Mercat.

John and I are not just an ordinary couple, no other best friend I have ever, to share all of my thoughts and feelings as well as getting through the hardship together. Sometimes we spend hours and hours with a single conversation, with our favorite booze on the sides. I believe, there can’t be anything that will stop us from going forward.


Today, Mercat store owns its own online store ( with a number of around 60 employees. Some of them are Parsons and FIT graduates with relevant backgrounds in fashion. However, the most critical assets that he sees in employees are passion, talent, and a good set of eyes and taste for reading trends in fashion.

We’re planning to build our own department store offering high-end apparels and goods with a goal of over one hundred million dollars in three years ahead. We are no different to those who are so passionate about their businesses, to create our own department store.

Mercat is planning to grow into a department store along with its active online store, The immense growth of its business, it simply requires more spaces and employees. The revenue doesn’t stop in New Jersey nor New York. The business is currently scheduled to turn its approach into a franchise over in the western part of the states. Furthermore, the items would continue to expand its variety such as cosmetics, kitchen tools and more, which would ultimately lead to a complete high-end department store.

Many would doubt it’s near impossible to open such an overwhelming business as Korean American. Many would think it’s a business that isn’t ought to come true like a Christmas present. This is why we push forward, hit our limitation, get through it, and hit the next limitation until we get through on the other side of the wall. It’s only the beginning of our journey to reach our goal, making Mercat an international business.